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Why are small business managers buying Microsoft Office over and over and over again?

PC manufacturers offer huge discounts on OEM (original manufacturers equipment) software to entice buyers to purchase a new PC computer. That HP or Dell system gets more attractive when you are also going to get the latest version of Office for "FREE". But that software package is only licensed to that particular PC and its motherboard. When the PC fails, you're going to have to buy a new system AND that Office package all over again.

Our small business customers benefit financially from our "License Management" programs.AH Computer Services keeps an active inventory of license purchases for all of our clients. We know what you bought and when. If you buy a subscription, we'll keep track of your expiration and renewal dates. It's one service that saves small business owners a ton of money each year.

Compare the Numbers

Total Cost $888

Comapny B buys a new system. They also buy the Dell Workstation that Company A buys, but

Company A bought a new PC in 2007 with Office OEM

Manufacturers System with Windows XP and Office 2003 OEM Basic (Word, Excel, Outlook)

Total Cost $725

In 2010 Company A needs a new system. They pick out a Dell Workstation with Windows 7 Professional for $595. They also need to purchase Office 2010 Home and Business for an additional $199. Their 2010 investment will be $794.

Company B bought a Computer from Us in 2007

Manufacturers System with Windows XP. Cost $589

Microsoft Office 2003 Standard (non-OEM) with Word, Excel, Outlook. Add $299

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