Bullet-Proof Backup Soltuions for Business.

Operating your business without a complete and regular data backup plan can be scary; especially the day your hard drive dies.
We recommend a backup policy that secures data for a period of one month, so that any hardware failure leaves you with restorable data for any point during the last 30 days.

Why 30 days? When a file goes corrupt or is accidentally overwritten you may not find it the very next day. Incremental backups provide a margin of error that protects your business from valuable data loss.

Reliable backups are cost effective. You may not get a warning before your server or workstation hard drive fails and your data is lost. Recovering data from a non-functioning hard drive is extremely expensive and, often times, it simply isn't possible to rebuild the data from a damaged hard drive. A well-planned and executed backup strategy protects you from excessive down time and data loss.

Mozy Professional

Online Backup Solution for Server, Workstations and Laptops.
Mozy backs up the data from your systems securely across the internet. You pay only for space needed -- not some monthly fee for space you're not using. Small businesses with critical data can start using Mozy for as little as $12 per month.

Contact us for pricing.

Data Vault

A totally secure, complete backup solution. A dedicated technician monitors the progress of backups each evening to make sure your data is copied and protected. Once each week our technicians pick up your data for secure off-site for storage.

$149.00 per month

External Drive

Our small office backup solution is perfect for companies with less than 10 workstations. We install and configure the hard disk backup solution with a SATA docking station to provide nightly backups of your server and workstations. A hard drive backup is faster than tape, cost effective and easy to verify.

Starting from $599

Tape Backup Support

AH Computer Services supports clients who use the legacy tape backups because it is the most cost effective method of data protection for customers who are already using tape. BUT if you're using a tape drive you must be diligent about replacing tapes and regular maintenance. You should replace your tapes every 52 uses and clean the tape drive with the recommended tape kit at least once every 30 days.

We have access to replacement tapes and cleaning kits for all brands.

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